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      Silk Rose Petals / Flower Petals

      Silk Rose Petals / Flower Petals

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      SKU: A08009
      Weight: 20 grams
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      Rose Petal
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      • Purple/White
      • Purple
      • White
      • White/Yellow
      • Cream
      • Blue
      • Maroon
      • Coffee Brown
      • Green
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      Silk Rose Petals / Flower Petals

      SKU# A08009 (Dark Pink, Light Pink & Sunset Red are out of stock)

      Whether you are planning a Wedding, Anniversary, Party or just a romantic night, flower petals always make your celebration brighter. Silk rose petals help transform an ordinary wedding or reception space into a colorful bed of roses.

      These are high quality silk rose petals which has the realistic look, weight and feel. They are soothing, fresh looking and are perfect for any special occasion. Let the flower girl sprinkle them in preparation for the bride as she passes down the aisle, or throw handfuls onto the tables at the reception. Best of all, these silk flowers cost a fraction of the price of fresh flowers.

      Packaged with approximately 130 petals of the same color per bag, these petals measure approx 2" each. Silk Rose Petals are the perfect fun choice for your formal and informal decorating ideas.

      Colors: Available in Purple/White, Purple, Light Pink, Dark Pink, White, White/Yellow, Cream, Blue, Maroon, Sunset Red, Coffee Brown, Green, Red

      Quantity Recommendations:

      Tossing:  12 to 18 petals per guest
      Table decoration:  50 to 100 petals per table with centerpiece for a light sprinkling
      Aisle, coverage per 100 petals:  1 square foot for dense, 2 square feet for moderate, 5 square feet for light
      Flower girl:  100 to 200 petals per flower girl

      silk rose petals

      rose petals

      silk rose petals

      Silk rose petal

      silk flower petals

      rose petals

      Below are some decoration ideas:

      Silk flower petals

      Silk flower petals ideas

      Silk rose petals