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50pcs Iridescent Laser Rainbow Color Zip Lock Plastic Bag Cosmetic Jewelry Holographic Plastik Zipper Packaging Beg
Price RM6.00 - RM16.80 RM6.80 - RM17.60
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** READY STOCK ship from KL
** Does not include contents, we only sell the zipper bags.

Features & Benefits:

- Ideal for packaging retail products
- Comes with hang hole at top for easier display at rack
- Re-Sealable Zipper

Quantity: Approximately 50pcs (Please allow +/- 2pcs due to counting error)

Color: As shown on picture

Choice of Size:

- 6cm x 10cm
- 7cm x 10cm
- 8cm x 13cm
- 9cm x 16cm
- 10cm x 15cm
- 10cm x 18cm
- 12cm x 20cm
- 14cm x 20cm

Note: Please allow slight differences on the color and measurement (actual size may be 3mm to 4mm smaller)


We do not accept any return / refund / exchange if you order the wrong size on your purchase. Please make sure you check the dimensions properly and choose the correct size before order.

We hope for your kind understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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